Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet and exceed the clinical research expectations of sponsors and CROs by completing studies on time, accurately, and in compliance with all FDA regulations and clinical research protocols, and by providing measurable data and optimum results. Additionally, we provide patient-centric care and superior quality across all sites and studies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a leading centralized site network. Our premier investigational sites offer on-site, virtual, and hybrid clinical trials.

Our Values

These core values drive our nationwide team to successfully achieve our mission and meet the needs of our sponsors and CROs:

  • Leadership: Wake Research is a leader in the industry. Our team includes key opinion leaders in the field of clinical research, highly specialized physicians and investigators.
  • Quality: Our highly skilled, centralized Quality Assurance and Quality Control department is committed to maintaining the highest quality care and reporting across all sites and trials.
  • Expertise: We provide decades of expertise in medical science and medicine, employing a team of experienced professionals who are educated and certified in all aspects of clinical research, and whose sole focus is research.
  • Accuracy and Integrity: Our uncompromising approach with our continuing education and training creates a dedicated and experienced staff who maintain the highest level of integrity in all aspects of the clinical research process.
  • Consistency and Reliability:  Since 1984, Wake Research has been recognized as a reliable resource for clinical research. Our centralized standard operating procedures (SOPs) integrated across all sites, along with our thorough understanding of regulatory requirements, ensure that each clinical trial is completed consistently and accurately, with measurable, reliable data.